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Monkey King Escape
Monkey King Escape
Monkey King Escape
Monkey King Escape
Monkey King Escape
Monkey King Escape
Monkey King Escape

Review Monkey King Escape

Ollie Green
Quality graphics, interesting levels, simple controls, quality physics
In-app purchases
Before you turn your nose in disgust at yet another endless runner game, read this review, because Monkey King Escape for Android is absolutely bananas. The level design is very impressive, and there are plenty of unique gameplay features to keep things engaging.
We've all seen endless runner games like this before. You are placed into a 3D world, and you can switch lanes by swiping left or right. The aim of an endless runner is simple - survive for as long as possible by swiping to avoid obstacles whilst your character continuously runs. The same basic concept is present in this game, but a lot has been done to it to make it really stand out.
Firstly, the graphics in this game are superb. I'm not just talking about the general quality of the character models and interface. The level design is very unique, and you are always left in awe because the developers have managed to create levels that incorporate all sorts of camera angles and perspectives, making the game feel very cinematic.
There are lots of cool gameplay elements that make this game very interesting too. Every now and then whilst playing, you'll come across a large "boss" creature, and you'll need to swipe in various prompted directions to get past it. With each swipe, a small battle will play out in front of you. This part of the game falls into that cinematic experience I explained before. Because the level is constantly evolving, there are always new challenges right around the corner, just like these boss fights.
There are plenty of cosmetics and power-ups to unlock in Monkey King Escape, encouraging players to go that extra step further when playing. There is also a currency that is purchased with real cash, and this can be used to revive your character or unlock certain exclusive items.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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Is.very. good. Game
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