Do Camera by IFTTT
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Do Camera by IFTTT
Do Camera by IFTTT
Do Camera by IFTTT
Do Camera by IFTTT
Do Camera by IFTTT
Do Camera by IFTTT

Review Do Camera by IFTTT

Brandon Girod
Features tons of recipes, allows you to automate what happens to pictures once they're taken
You can only use one recipe at a time, you can only have 3 recipes active at any given time
A long time ago, in this very galaxy there was an automated ‘tasker’ website that put the internet to work for you. The site was called IFTTT(If This Then That) and it was poised to revolutionized the way we internet. It was later released as an Android app, and has since been rebranded by a set of smaller apps. Do Camera for Android is one of those very apps.
The suite of apps called Do are specialized apps for the IFTTT universe. What they are supposed to do is make one individual task incredibly simple. The camera app, for instance, is built from the ground up to automate what you do with your photos after you take them.
The only reason for these to exists, in my opinion, is because the IFTTT app simply doesn’t work on Android. At least not reliably. But so far the Do apps have worked pretty flawlessly. The camera app is touted as being customizable, and while I don’t agree with that, it definitely has some cool features.
The app has its own built-in camera API that it uses to capture photos, so you won’t be able to automate gallery tasks here. And you can only add 3 recipes as well. To add even more limitations to the app, you can also only use one of these recipes at a time. If you want to snap a picture and send it to your Dropbox and email a copy to yourself then you’re out of luck. But the good news is that it will reliably do one of those!
The Do Camera app is exciting in the fact that it actually works. I was hesitant at first because I wasn’t able to get my IFTTT app to send photos I took to Dropbox, but it just worked with this one, for some reason.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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