Troid VPN Free VPN Proxy
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Troid VPN  Free VPN Proxy
Troid VPN  Free VPN Proxy
Troid VPN  Free VPN Proxy
Troid VPN  Free VPN Proxy
Troid VPN  Free VPN Proxy
Troid VPN  Free VPN Proxy
Troid VPN  Free VPN Proxy
Troid VPN  Free VPN Proxy
Troid VPN  Free VPN Proxy
Troid VPN  Free VPN Proxy

Review Troid VPN Free VPN Proxy

Jay Feldman
Interesting functionality, simple interface
Doesn't work, not powerful enough, old fashioned design
TroidVPN - Android VPN for Android is another of those IP address cloaking apps that purports to mask your device's IP, city and country, so you can surf the net anonymously. This one is far too simple for its own good and I've seen better.
TroidVPN - Android VPN displays in portrait and landscape, not that it matters much, because I couldn't get this one to work for the life of me. The concept behind apps like this, is that they can purportedly mask your real IP address and mirror your connection to a shill location, and offer a bogus IP address in place of your real one. Why is this necessary? Well, in the purest sense, it can be helpful if you live in a country that censors the internet and you want to get news headlines and stories from uncensored countries. Knowledge is power, as they say, so in the truest sense, this is a worthy use for an app like this. In reality, it's probably just being used to download porn anonymously.
The app is so simple it hurts, because it doesn't even function, not even a little bit. Worse still, there appears to be no instructions on how to make the magic happen. I've used apps like this before, and I do have networking knowledge, port forwarding and all that good stuff. But alas, none of that did me any good. I can only assume this is a non-functioning free version of a paid app that does work, if not, then this app truly is a waste of time.
TroidVPN - Android VPN is difficult to recommend. If it works for you, it might be worthwhile, but I say, just use an app that works right from the word go, and forget this one.

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Design 7/10
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