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Shooting Cats
Shooting Cats
Shooting Cats
Shooting Cats
Shooting Cats
Shooting Cats
Shooting Cats
Shooting Cats
Shooting Cats

Review Shooting Cats

Tariq Abdulla
Completely free, funny sounds, decent graphics, unusual game play, simple controls
Excessive brutality, features ads
Shooting Cats for Android is a spooky game of aiming and firing a catapult. Don’t panic! This isn’t a game about shooting at cats, it’s a game about a cat who shoots at various haloween-themed flying beasties.
The baddies include bats, owls, ghosts and skeleton dogs. Graphically the cat looks like a 3D model, and the scenery looks like a stage or “game” setup, with stage curtains and clouds and baddies hanging from strings. Maybe we are meant to think this is a cat’s strange nightmare? The ghouls have some special abilities. For example, you have to hit owls from the back, for some reason. You are left to figure these things out for yourself, but they’re not that complicated.
You have some targets to meet for hitting certain numbers of each type of beast. An odd thing about this game is that you have to hit every single baddy: missing just one will result in your untimely death in a variety of cool animations. Sometimes you burst into flames, other times a bat will drop a massive hammer on your head, or a swarm of bats devour your skin. It’s kind of a shame that the game never really lets you watch these animations, putting your scores on top way too quickly. The controls are easy. You can drag back further for different strengths, but it doesn’t seem to really affect anything.
Overall, Shooting Cats is a good game for a bit of haloween fun; but killing you after just one baddy missed seems a little heavy-handed, and makes the gameplay litterally a bit “hit or miss”.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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