1942 Pacific Front
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1942 Pacific Front
1942 Pacific Front
1942 Pacific Front
1942 Pacific Front
1942 Pacific Front
1942 Pacific Front
1942 Pacific Front
1942 Pacific Front
1942 Pacific Front

Review 1942 Pacific Front

Brandon Girod
Every unit feels totally unique, has a surprising amount of depth for a mobile game
Suffers from one of the longest and most tedious tutorials ever, the pacing is really slow, the graphics look pretty dated
Sometimes you get really pumped for a game only to have it turn around and utterly fail you. 1942 Pacific Front for Android got me on two sides. First off, 1942 is one of my favorite top-down shooters, and of course I drew an immediately parallel between the two even though they’re completely different genres. And secondly, the game actually feels a lot like Advance Wars, which was one of my favorite GBA games.
The game and I got off on the wrong foot with one of the world’s longest and most tedious tutorials I’ve ever played. Yes, the gameplay is a bit complicated for a mobile game, but at the same time, this is basically a sequel for a game that already exists.
Gameplay is very strategic as you take control of a group of forces with various objectives. You’ll need to use the environment to your advantage as you take out all of the other enemy forces and occupy what buildings you might need to in order to complete your objectives.
You’ll have access to aircraft, ships, and land units. You’ll need to masterfully use all of them to succeed. This is probably the greatest part of the game is that each type of unit feels incredibly different and has their own unique feel. A lot of unit types in some games just have different stats. Not here.
Ultimately, what lead me to having a poor experience with this game was the expectations I had before jumping into the game. To be upfront, it’s a slow paced war strategy game that you need to be absolutely methodical with in order to succeed. You can build troops to an extent, but it’s not a full fledged strategy war game in the sense that you’ll be producing troops in a never ending real-time battle for global domination.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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