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Monster League Racing
Monster League Racing
Monster League Racing
Monster League Racing
Monster League Racing
Monster League Racing
Monster League Racing
Monster League Racing
Monster League Racing
Monster League Racing

Review Monster League Racing

Tariq Abdulla
Decent animation, decent graphics, interesting game play, simple controls
In-app purchases
Monster League Racing for Android is a bike racing game where all you have to do is tap when different shapes meet together. The closer you nail it, the better you perform stunts like jumping from ramps. Doing well gives you the edge in races. However, you also need to keep upgrading that motorbike with money you earn in races, in order to keep up with other bikes. Hiring a mechanic for a limited number of races makes a huge difference to your performance.
This is probably a sensible purchase to help you climb rankings and win even more money. You also need to refuel your bike every dozen or so races. As always, in app purchases are a temptation; though they are not necessary as long as you play the game strategically. Watch for running low on fuel though; because if you run out you’ll either need to buy some or beg for some from your online friends.
There are a variety of different race types to choose from, from training races, to league races. There are different environments like dirt track and stadium. Daily races have a different environment everyday, which keeps the game fresh and interesting. The monsters are really cute, and you can kit them out with costumes for their multiple arms and heads or whatever. You feel bad for the monster when you screw up and he falls off during a job, or you lose and he’s left sobbing at the finish line.
Monster League Racing looks great, and is fun to play despite the simplified mechanic of pure timing. When you nail matching objects, you really feel like you are nailing those stunts. Kids should love this one; but watch they don't spend your real world cash on a virtual monster Evil Kenevil costume.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
Brandon Girod
Features a hilarious cast of monsters, gameplay is progressive but doesn't feel too grindy, rewards get larger as you race
Features freemium mechanics that limit gameplay time, matches snowball which makes catching up from a mistake very difficult
If there is one type of game I think works great on the mobile platform, it’s a good reaction based racing game. You know, the type where you basically build a stat monster and race it by using timed mechanics like pressing the accelerator at the perfect time or switching gears perfectly. Monster League Racing is all of that plus it has some really wacky and fun characters to boot.
This is one of the first games that’s ever really made me laugh out loud. When you’re reaching the finish line and the race is neck and neck the camera will zoom in real close, time becomes slow and all you hear are the monsters all yelling as your hold your breath in cautious optimism as you slink through the finish line.
Moments like these are what makes the game really fun.
The mechanics you’ve definitely seen before. You start off with enough cash to buy a cheap motorcycle that you’ll use to grind for cash through various types of races like ladder matches, training, and ranked matches. You can upgrade your bike with this cash, but you can also buy new ones as well.
The game, unfortunately, features a gas mode that limits how often you can actually participate in races, but the timers are short and you only need one unit of gas to participate in a race.
Stats play a huge role in the game, but perfectly timed execution can actually trump these at times, which is what really keeps the gameplay elements interesting over the long haul.
Monster League Racing is a great racing game that you won’t mind spending a ton of time in. The characters all really charming and just watching the races are fun, which makes participating even more so.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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