Village Life: Love & Babies
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Village Life: Love & Babies
Village Life: Love & Babies
Village Life: Love & Babies
Village Life: Love & Babies
Village Life: Love & Babies
Village Life: Love & Babies
Village Life: Love & Babies
Village Life: Love & Babies
Village Life: Love & Babies
Village Life: Love & Babies

Review Village Life: Love & Babies

Jay Feldman
Decent graphics, one-finger controls
Too easy, very common, low quality animation
Village Life: Love & Babies for Android is a sim based game that's all about building a thriving civilization for a couple lost in the middle of nowhere. Build huts, make fire, deliver babies and try to overlook the heavy handed religious overtones. This one is decent enough but sorta gives me the creeps.
Village Life: Love & Babies takes place on what appears to be a series of deserted islands. There's no mention of how or why, but a couple expecting a child finds themselves stranded and lost. So they do the only thing that makes sense in a situation like that, and decide to give up on any hope of being rescued and decide to make the best of it. They deliver twins and begin to build a life for themselves when they come across another family with children and decide to form a cult. Nope, they don't outright join a cult, but the heavy handed religious undertones make the instant conformity and membership very cultish. There's a magic altar, and a not so subtle dogmatic approach to the whole thing that just rubbed me the wrong way, overshadowing any marginal fun to be had with this cookie cutter game.
The play involves completing simple tasks, placing structures, harvesting crops and building shelter; oh yeah, there's also the occasional primitive reactions to the mystical altar. If you subscribe to the flat earth society, you'll find the whole thing appealing. The graphics feature cartoonish visuals that are probably the game's single best element. The animation is crude and choppy at best.
Village Life: Love & Babies is likely best relegated to diehards of the genre and the religiously devout. There simply isn't enough new or novel going on here to recommend this one very highly.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 4/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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Holly Bird
I've had this game a couple of years but then I deleted it for a couple of months in 2018 and then once I had downloaded it again it wouldn't open- really angry/upset. Need advise on what to do.
سلام بالا سمت راست عکس بازی زده دانلود ککلیک کن میره تو گوگل پلی دانلودش زدی ی صفحه دیگه باز میشه زیرش زده free download
ببخشید این بازیو باید چه شکلی دانلود کنم اخه وقتی دانلود میکنم میرم تو بازی بازی ارور میده
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