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Ollie Green
Unusual game design, interesting levels, quality game play, simple controls
No significant shortcomings
ULTRAFLOW for Android is one of the most unique and engaging puzzle games you'll come across. In this game, you must rebound a ball off of objects to attempt to get the ball into the end goal, which is displayed on screen as a small circle.
The challenge in this game comes into play when you realize that your ball can only rebound off of things a certain amount of times before being destroyed. Once destroyed, you will need to retry the level again. For the majority of levels, you need to think carefully about how to rebound the ball in a way that will ensure it will get into the goal with as few rebounds as possible.
As you play through the levels, more mechanics will be introduced to you. For example, moving elements will first be added, and after that, boosts that accelerate the speed of your ball are implemented. Going further through the game will introduce you to even more unique features including blocks that must be destroyed before you can complete the level, or strips that slow down your ball to a halt.
Whilst the gameplay in this game is constantly challenging and testing your abilities, it's not just the fun levels that make this game stand out. The graphics are incredible, despite consisting mostly of 2D block colors. The soundtrack to this game matches the genre perfectly, and the sound effects share this same quality. Playing this game just feels amazing - the developers have done such a great job at making an absolutely perfect arcade puzzler.
ULTRAFLOW is completely free to play and there is not a single in-app purchase to deal with once you have downloaded it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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