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Review Satellina

Jay Feldman
Neat graphics, addictive game play, one-finger controls
Lags a bit, unbalanced difficulty, monotonous game play
Satellina for Android is a unique puzzle game that aims for retro arcade territory and hits the mark, dead center. Make all the green spinning orbs disappear while avoiding all others. This one is deceptively simple and suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.
Satellina presents in portrait to reveal a series of neon glow sorta colorful puzzles, placed atop a black background. It's hard to describe the visuals, other than perhaps to say it looks like Timothy Leary popped another hit of LSD and puked kaleidoscopic visuals all over my screen. Basically, there's an array of colorful orbs arranged in different configurations to create small orbiting clusters, which in turn, are all part of a larger configuration that travel all over your screen. Each cluster is comprised of green, red and yellow orbs, and your mission, is to move your little + icon around the screen, collecting all green orbs while avoiding all others. Touch anything but green and you're dead, capiche?
The controls use your favorite digit placed on screen, and just slide it all over the place to move your + icon all over the screen. When you touch the green orbs, they disappear and cause all neighboring orbs to turn green; you win the level when all orbs have turned green and disappeared. The graphics and animation are very psychedelic and trippy, with fluid movements and smooth renders. The sounds feature an ethereal techno score that’s mildly entertaining.
Satellina is as addictive as it is challenging, and the visuals are cool. This one is worth checking out.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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