MK Explorer (File manager)
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MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)
MK Explorer (File manager)

Review MK Explorer (File manager)

Tariq Abdulla
Interesting functionality, nice interface, neat design, completely free
Pop-up ads
MK Explorer (File Manager) for Android is a neat file explorer that lets you look at files in two separate windows at the same time. You swipe left and right between the windows, and can open up folders in each window straight from the other one. It has a clean look, with helpful thumbnails, and rapid search. You can easily add bookmarks to get to any location you might need to check back to often.
You can quickly check detailed file properties; move, copy or delete files and folders; and compress files and folders into zip archives. But navigating folder structures could be much simpler, as the the app only offers forward and back buttons. Having a full file path would be really helpful. It also failed to find my photos folder by default, but that's a minor issue. The root is hidden by default, but that’s quite helpful for a majority of users, who just want to find their downloads, or photos they have in quirky locations.
MK Explorer does a good job of balancing a bright clean appearance with not taking up too much screen space for each item. Everything is well laid out and easy to understand. But if you want to get the look just right, you can also customise it with lots of different colours and layout options.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 9/10
Design 10/10
Brandon Girod
Incorporates material design in the best way, gives a better way to visualize your files, very simple to use, features a ton of customization
You have to dig to access the root system, the option menu could be better oganized
There are two things that seem almost universally true about file explorers. Number one, they’ve been around for as long as users have wanted to dig deep into the root files of their phone. Number two, for whatever reason, they’ve always been ugly apps. MX Explorer for Android is a file explorer that really breaks the mold and visualizes your phone’s folders in a pleasant manner.
If you’ve ever read any of my other software app reviews then you’ll likely know that I’m a big proponent for Google’s new material design and this file explorer totally embraces it. Opening the app for the first time you’ll be met with your typical choice between which memory you want to jump into.
If you were paying attention to that then you’ll realize you don’t actually get root access to your system files. At least, not at first. You can’t access any system files until you get root access to your device, and even then you have to go into the options and enable the root file directory to show up on the homepage of the app.
On the plus side, the app also offers a ton of customization features that you can play around with. You can do things like messing around with the notification bar, slimming it up, changing the color scheme, etc.
All in all, MX Explorer is probably going to be my new file explorer app. The whole visual aspect and clean aesthetic just makes me feel like I can cipher through all of my files to find what I’m looking for much faster than other apps like this I’ve used.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 9/10
Design 10/10
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All i wanted to do was move my pics and vids from ph storage to sd.. i sl'd one app that was elementary for a simple mind like me but it said it wasnt approved by samsung.. so i dl'd this app.. i went to dcim and it had the move option. I pressed it and a file came up.. i pressed it expecting choices to appear but what happened is it moved my pics to idk where and now my gallery just shows a lot of broken black and gray squares.. those were all pics of my internal memory was full and affecting the performance of my ph and my 32g sd card is empty. Even if someone her can help... how will i get the message
Brandon Girod
Hi Rebecca, I'm sorry this has happened to you! It seems like you might have moved the photos somewhere on your phone, but it'll be hard to find out where exactly. Try repeating the steps you told us about to see which folder pops up. If you can find out the name of that folder, you should be able to navigate there and find your photos. 
Tmhara baap
Maa ki chhot tm angreezon ki
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