LINE Toss - Photo Sharing
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LINE Toss - Photo Sharing
LINE Toss - Photo Sharing
LINE Toss - Photo Sharing
LINE Toss - Photo Sharing
LINE Toss - Photo Sharing
LINE Toss - Photo Sharing
LINE Toss - Photo Sharing
LINE Toss - Photo Sharing

Review LINE Toss - Photo Sharing

Brandon Girod
A simple to use interface, clean design
Has minimal features to set it apart from the default gallery app, the options menu is almost non-existant
I wasn’t always a photo person. In fact, I probably only have a handful of photos from when I was a teenager. Facebook was around then, for reference. I just never cared that often. When I got older and started a family then the importance of documenting everything I did and sharing it with friends and family became really prevalent. LINE Toss for Android is an app built from the ground up to help you organize and share your photos with whoever you want without having to worry about the privacy features of whatever social media site you normally use.
The app itself is really simple and only has a few features, which I really enjoy. Your main page is just a gallery that’s broken into days. Nothing crazy because that’s how my gallery is organized now. Swiping to the right will actually give you geolocation information about the pictures like where they were taken as well as give you a preview of some of the pictures.
Swiping to the left is where you share your photos. Sharing is actually pretty interesting because you scroll through and drag and drop the photos you want to share so you can share them all at once.
Line Toss’ biggest strength is in just how easy everything works. The biggest weakness is the fact that, while not as intuitive, my gallery app has all of these basic features. It would be really tough for me to justify downloading a totally new app just for sharing pictures because, unlike similar apps, there are not native social features to bring families together in a private way.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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