Nimbus Note - Useful notepad
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Nimbus Note - Useful notepad
Nimbus Note - Useful notepad
Nimbus Note - Useful notepad
Nimbus Note - Useful notepad
Nimbus Note - Useful notepad
Nimbus Note - Useful notepad
Nimbus Note - Useful notepad
Nimbus Note - Useful notepad

Review Nimbus Note - Useful notepad

Brandon Girod
Lets the user create metadata, supports subfolders, let's you take notes in just about any form you could think of
It doesn't have the most user friendly interface, editing notes can be very buggy
At this point, it’s not secret that some people would probably have some serious issues functioning without their smartphones. After all, a lot of people sync their phone with their lives and careers. Nimbus Note for Android is a powerful productivity to-do app that aims to help users organize their lives through just about any way that works best for them.
Unfortunately for newcomers to the to-do list apps, most companies have these apps downright scientifically efficient. So most of these apps all have the same functionality. Nimbus Web Inc have been around for quite a while, though, and have a number of useful features that put them at the forefront of productivity apps.
One thing I really enjoyed that I haven’t seen too much of is a lock screen specifically for your app that isn’t completely unlike the lock screen app on your phone. They also add a lot of helpful features that helps to remind you when to do things. Other features include an extensive network of subfolders that contains metadata you can use to organize everything exactly how you like it.
One thing that really kind of draws me away from apps like this is the inability to incorporate them in at an OS level, which is certainly no fault of the developer. It’s just really easy to take my phone out and tell it to make a note or remind me. I don’t even have to pull an app up.
I think Nimbus Note’s biggest strength is in just how deep it can get with subfolders. Any note app you download now can take photo notes, voice notes, etc. It’s really strong for power users, but I’m not sure it is as easily functionable as something like Google Keep for casual users.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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