Space Kitty Puzzle
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Space Kitty Puzzle
Space Kitty Puzzle
Space Kitty Puzzle
Space Kitty Puzzle
Space Kitty Puzzle
Space Kitty Puzzle

Review Space Kitty Puzzle

Brandon Girod
Offers great physics based puzzling mechanics, introduces unique game design
Some of the puzzles might be a bit too tough for younger players, some of the level design is a little confusing
I’m beginning to notice that there is a really odd trend among games that are aimed towards children. For some reason, they usually have infinitely more novel ideas that one targeted towards the typical smartphone user. Take Space Kitty Puzzle for Android as a good example. It’s a puzzle game about a kitten in space that manipulates the direction of gravitational force in order to solve puzzles.
Why is it that children’s games have such cool concepts while adult games are stuck with make the 657th iteration of Clash of Clans? We can probably thank the whales for that.
Truth be told, as awesome as this game’s concept is, it certainly isn’t going to appeal to most adult gamers. But for the younger audience, it’s a great puzzle game that even left me scratching my head a few times.
The puzzles have several elements to them that actually let you ramp up the difficulty however you like. If you really wanted, you could simply get to the end of the level and call it a day. But the game gives you some other things you can collect along the way. Levels are designed so that getting to the end of the level is almost inevitable, but collecting the other objectives forces you to think before every move you make because there is no turning back.
Space Kitty Puzzle is about kittens in space, which is more than enough reason for someone to check this game out. It just happens to be a huge plus that the game is actually really fun and the puzzles will keep you sharp on your feet.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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