Corgi for Feedly News Magazine
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Corgi for Feedly News Magazine
Corgi for Feedly News Magazine
Corgi for Feedly News Magazine
Corgi for Feedly News Magazine
Corgi for Feedly News Magazine
Corgi for Feedly News Magazine
Corgi for Feedly News Magazine
Corgi for Feedly News Magazine

Review Corgi for Feedly News Magazine

Brandon Girod
Setup is fast and easy, it works seamlessly with your feedly account, the lockscreen ui is beautiful
There are no security measures built into the app itself, there is no way to customize any part of the lockscreen
I’ve never really been a fan of replacing Android’s native lock screen because I never felt like any other app was able to offer the same kind of features with the regular security. That said, I’ve missed out on quite a few apps that have come out that have been pretty cool. So far Swipe for Feedly for Android has been the only lock screen application that makes me want to make the switch.
Its premise is really simple, it wants to send you news articles as soon as you open your phone. So when you unlock your phone you’re presented with a beautiful looking headline, picture, and background. You’ve got a few options you can choose from at this point. You can swipe up to read more about the article, swipe left to flip through more news stories, and swiping run simply unlocks the device.
The strongest point the app makes is that everything is straight and to the point. When you swipe up to read more of the article, it gives you a short description and a way to visit the site or share the story. The app does a great job not overloading the user with information and presenting it all in a pleasing format.
Swipe for Feedly is great for news junkies. You’ll always be up-to-date on everything going on in the news, and you’ll have a beautiful screen lock as well. However, depending on how many news sources you follow, you might end up staring at the same story for several hours throughout the day. People worried about security will also want to keep their regular lock screen on because there are no security features to be found here.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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