Stick Squad 2 - Shooting Elite
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Stick Squad 2 - Shooting Elite
Stick Squad 2 - Shooting Elite
Stick Squad 2 - Shooting Elite
Stick Squad 2 - Shooting Elite
Stick Squad 2 - Shooting Elite
Stick Squad 2 - Shooting Elite
Stick Squad 2 - Shooting Elite

Review Stick Squad 2 - Shooting Elite

Brandon Girod
Tight and responsive controls, good presentation and fun gameplay
Suffers from some game halting bugs, mission objectives need to drop the time requirements
Stick Squad 2 - Shooting Elite for Android has you viewing the world through a scope. Bad stick figures exist and you exist to take them down. It’s a game that has you sniping through tons of missions, upgrading your gear, and testing your reflexes.
So I’ll give the devs some credit, there is a good game to be found in here somewhere, but it falls short in its current state. Let’s talk mission structure. Your performance is graded on how fast you complete a mission, which means you’ve got to scope out the area and take people out fast. As you might guess, this means you’ll sometimes have to play missions over a few times because you might have left someone out.
Herein lies the issue, though. Once you start shooting, another timer counts down and if you don’t clear everyone out before that timer ends then you lose period. The game likes to hide enemies from you, and this is problematic for a number of reasons. My progress, for instance, was dragged to a halt because one of the enemies was stuck in a door and wouldn’t come out no matter how many times I tried to shoot him or restarted the mission, and I couldn’t progress to the next mission because the game fails you for not killing everyone.
The game I played before getting to that part was decent, though. You could replay missions over and over again to grind for more gear, and the controls were surprisingly responsive and tight despite the touch interface.
Unfortunately, it’s hard to recommend Stick Squad 2 - Shooting Elite because I ran into a game halting bug. The game really needs to allow you to continue no matter your score so you can go through and experience the whole thing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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