Evolve: Hunters Quest
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Evolve: Hunters Quest
Evolve: Hunters Quest
Evolve: Hunters Quest
Evolve: Hunters Quest
Evolve: Hunters Quest
Evolve: Hunters Quest
Evolve: Hunters Quest
Evolve: Hunters Quest

Review Evolve: Hunters Quest

Brandon Girod
Heavy atmosphere and setting, extremely high fidelity graphics, solid gameplay mechanics
The difficulty spike is too high as single matches progress, some of the mechanics can be plain annoying
Evolve is a 4-vs-1 co-op game where four hunters go out to kill a monster. It’s a console/pc game that was just released alongside Evolve: Hunters Quest for Android. The mobile game is quite a bit different, but is set in the same world. Instead of being an FPS game, it’s a match 3 game where you have a party of 4 hunters and you play through levels killing monsters. Same concept but completely different game mechanics.
This game’s presentation is through the roof when you compare it to similar games in the genre, but that should be expected coming from such a large publisher. The game’s mechanics are pretty well played out at this point, though. We’ve seen party-based match-three games before, and this does all of the same things.
Matching certain ‘gems’ together will cause members of your team to heal, shield, or attack enemies. You can also match ‘gems’ that builds up meters to unleash devastating team attacks as well. One thing this game does a little differently is that it introduces a ‘gem’ that will cause monsters to attack before they’re supposed to. The further you get in a match, the more these ‘gems’ pop up. The results are really long matches that can get pretty difficult for no real reason.
Evolve: Hunters Quest for Android is a completely competent and well put together match-three game. It features solid gameplay mechanics, but adds a few features that actually damper the player’s experience. Regardless, match-three fans will undoubtedly enjoy 2K’s offering.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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