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Last Hope
Last Hope
Last Hope
Last Hope
Last Hope
Last Hope
Last Hope
Last Hope

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Brandon Girod
Great soundtrack, some of the best visuals and animations i've seen in a game like this, responsive controls
Power-ups often put you in a worse position than you started
I love a game with a good soundtrack because it brings me back to an old SNES game my dad and I used to play together. Music can really make a game that much better if it’s done right. Last Hope for Android brings in a great soundtrack and combines it with great gameplay to give you an endless runner that you actually won’t mind spending an endless amount of time playing.
You are this spacecraft thing that is flying upwards along the surface of a rectangle that spans a seemingly infinite distance. Your craft flies along a glowing path, but you’ll usually find red obstacles blocking your path. Swiping left or right will rotate sections of the rectangle so you can safely avoid crashing into anything and dying.
Passing through a certain amount of the segments will allow you to go into a cylinder mode where the path has turned into, you guessed it, a cylinder. Here you’re actually controlling how you rotate around the cylinder, avoiding spikes by constantly moving.
I thought the game was really fun until I starting running into power-ups. There is one power-up in specific that lets you completely fly through a number of these segments without worrying about anything, but I found that it frequently dropped me off directly in front of an obstacle. You can get hit three times per set of segments, but it was still pretty frustrating.
I really enjoyed Last Hope, and it’s been one of my favorite endless runners that I’ve played. The controls feel really good, the gameplay is fun, and the music just kind of helped me kick back and relax.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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