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Review komoot

Brandon Girod
Offers several route variations right from the get-go, presents route info in a great looking ui, the apps design and aesthetic is superior to its peers
Maps can take a while to load, performance can suffer at times
Ever since Google released Google Maps way back when, there haven’t really been that many navigational apps to really come to the platform and leave a huge impact on it. Waze came and did some cool things, but then Google Maps ate that as well. Fortunately, there are still niches that can be filled and Komoot for Android aims to do that for cycling enthusiasts.
One of the cool things this app does is that when you decide where you want to go you’ll then be presented with a list of options rather than just having the fastest option available to you. This is a really cool feature that typical navigation apps don’t really offer much. Mostly because we’re so used to wanting to get to wherever your destination is as fast as possible.
When you decide which path you want to take, you’ll then be given the typical fanfare of being able to receive turn-by-turn directions. It also gives you a ton of geolocation information such as elevation, how long it will take for you to walk or bike to the destination, how far it is and more.
The one place that I feel the app falls a bit short in would be the optimization. Maps took a while to load, even when hooked up to my 150mbps WI-FI connection, and scrolling could feel a bit choppy at times.
Overall, Komoot offers a lot of really cool features I haven’t seen in other apps like it. While the experience could use a bit of optimizing, I did enjoy the overall design quite a bit more than its competitors as well. If you’re someone who loves being outdoors, I’d definitely recommend taking this app out for a test drive.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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