Earthworm Alchemy
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Earthworm Alchemy
Earthworm Alchemy
Earthworm Alchemy
Earthworm Alchemy
Earthworm Alchemy
Earthworm Alchemy
Earthworm Alchemy
Earthworm Alchemy

Review Earthworm Alchemy

Brandon Girod
Really unique gameplay mechanics, wonderful and original art style
Some aspects of the game are just time sinks, i found the game to be a bit too easy
Every now and then you get a really cool game that is just reminds you of the sad state of mobile games. When you take a look at all of the really interesting and unique indie games that flood through Steam’s marketplace, you just kind of wonder why they don’t make games like that on a mobile platform. Earthworm Alchemy is a really charming game that takes the endless genre in a completely new direction.
Starting off the game, you find a box that has a really interesting surprise. What’s in it? An earthworm. My earthworm was named Charlie, but you can name him (or her) whatever you want. For some reason or another, you start feeding your worm so that it can get longer and longer and longer so that you can find true happiness.
Feeding your worm is actually really easy. Food flies through the air. Tapping on the worm will make it rise up so that you can catch the food in its mouth. You do have to be a bit careful, though because there are also bombs that will reduce the length of your worm if you eat them instead. The deeper you get, the more damage the bombs will do.
The game has a few mechanics that are kind of annoying, though. For some reason, you need to continuously upgrade your food pack in order to continue growing. The game tries to justify this by saying the quality food you need gets better as you grow, but in reality it’s just a way to lengthen the game for no real reason.
I loved Earthworm Alchemy. The gameplay was really easy, probably too easy, but it was cool just seeing Charlie get longer and longer. The game ran well, but made my phone get pretty hot, which seems kind of odd because it’s definitely not a graphically intensive game. It’s an addictive and fun game regardless.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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