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Review Auralux

Sergei Petrov
Auralux - is a good example of how to look like the original and easy to manage real-time strategy on Android-device. The essence of the game is to capture the enemy bases and establishing leadership in the whole space of auras. The key point - it geimpley which is glued so well that the game is easy to overstay more than one hour.
Developed a little-known game studio War Drum Studios. All, of course, very good, but it seems that the company has sponsored the project personally NVIDIA, which means that play Auralux can only owners of devices based on Tegra 2 and Tegra 3. However, given the growing popularity of the game (500,000 downloads Tegra-only devices - this is a very big figure), the developers will just have to open it to all platforms, until a decent clone.


The essence of the game is very simple - there are several enemy parties, each of which is denoted by a different color. Also on the card has several bases, which produce soldiers, depending on who owns it. Curled around each base point cloud - this is our army, which is replenished every second. Using these enemy units to subdue all the enemy base to win.
Attack in the game is very simple: just select the base or hold your finger on more of its bases, and then send them to the enemy point. As soon as our point will reach the enemy base, there will begin a real massacre, and if our units will be more, and they will be stronger, we can capture and subdue the base.

Features Auralux for Android:

  • Impeccable minimalistic design;
  • Two modes of play;
  • Relaxing soundtrack;
  • Colorful effects and animation;
  • Exciting and dynamic geimpley;
  • Convenient judicious management;
  • A large number of levels and up to 3 enemies on the map.
The whole difficulty is that computers do not sleep and almost non-stop is sent to you and other opponents teams units, and beat, usually in the weak spots (where there is no army). This is the element of strategy in real time, as you need to constantly monitor all of their bases, have time to defend and attack enemies.
To restore justice, we must say that the idea of ​​the game is not new, and it belongs to others. Previously, this idea has been implemented in the indie game Eufloria, which was released in 2010 on the PC, and was very popular. It has already been ported to Android, and soon it should appear in Google Play, to compete Auralux, because it is unlikely it will do an exclusive for NVIDIA Tegra.
Summary. Auralux - it's a magic and relaxing strategy for Android, which frees us from all the minor details, such as the construction of the base, and leaves the employment of the army is exactly why we love the genre RTS.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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