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Little Alchemist
Little Alchemist
Little Alchemist
Little Alchemist
Little Alchemist
Little Alchemist
Little Alchemist
Little Alchemist

Review Little Alchemist

Brandon Girod
Encourages you to experiment with mixing and matching cards, features a fun aesthetic
The game feature a lot of ads encouraging you to spend money, has a lot of freemium mechanics that limits gameplay
Little Alchemist for Android is a card game that is focused on exploration. Not really physical exploration in the sense that you’ll be out walking around and discover that there’s a Starbucks on this corner too. Instead, it’s more of a trial and error system where you’ll combine cards together to see if they make awesome combos or if they’ll just suck.
Card games are great on mobile devices because they give players an easy format to play on. You can really be just as hands on with a mobile device as you can with physical cards. So in that case, I can safely confirm that the game feels responsive to all of your input. You’re just tapping afterall.
So let’s what through how a turn plays out. Your hand is displayed at the bottom of the screen and you’ll notice that you’ll always have 5 cards drawn at any time. What you’ll do is select a card and the game will automatically pair it up with another card in your hand that you can make a combo with. Now you won’t have access to every combo upfront, and not every card will combine. You can also pick which cards you want to combine if you want to make a different combo than they’ve made.
From there you’ll go up against your opponents card that they played. There are two card stats: attack and defense. If your attack is higher than the other card’s defense then you’ll be able to inflict the remainder damage to your opponent, but your enemy will still get a chance to attack. Both cards are discarded after your turn is over, so you won’t really have a ‘board’ to play, and you’ll never know what your opponent is going to play.
I think Little Alchemist is a fun and lighthearted card game. I say that because there isn’t much depth here in terms of strategy, but the game’s mechanics are fun to play around with. Just don’t think you’ll be ditching Hearthstone to get on board with this one. They’re nothing at all alike.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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