Fish Farm 2
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Fish Farm 2
Fish Farm 2
Fish Farm 2
Fish Farm 2
Fish Farm 2
Fish Farm 2
Fish Farm 2
Fish Farm 2

Review Fish Farm 2

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, plenty of fish types
The game's main mechanic is waiting, there are almost no gameplay mechanics to be found
Have you ever wanted to own an aquarium, but were too turned off from the barrier to entry cost of purchasing a fish tank or fish? Maybe you actually went so far as to purchase all of that stuff, but just couldn’t muster to be around the fishy smell. Well, you’re in luck! Fish Farm 2 for Android let’s you own your own aquarium for the low, low cost of free!
Starting out with an empty tank, you’re soon instructed to buy to blue damsel fish. There is an in-game currency system setup that allows you to buy new fish and customize the environment by buying decorations.
When you purchase a fish you’ll need to get some food so that you can feed them. You’ll want to make sure you keep an eye on their hunger gauge, otherwise they won’t grow to mature. If they don’t mature then they won’t be able to mate.
Mating is how you make money in this game. You want to have some beautiful fish that will mate and produce new fish. You’ll then sell your old fish and continue the process. Be warned, it’s basically open-ended, never ending gameplay. The idea is that you just want to make more money so you can buy rarer fish, decorate your tank, and then buy more tanks to stick more fish in.
For fish lovers, Fish Farm 2 is somewhat entertaining. I saw somewhat because the game is basically a waiting simulator. There is no gameplay to be found, just real-world responsibility, and who wants that? You have to wait for your fish to mature. Wait for them to mate, and then wait much, much longer for the new egg to hatch so you can actually begin to make any money. The visuals are good, but waiting isn’t a very compelling mechanic.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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How to change device on fish farm 2

I try want to change device i don't know why
Tariq Abdulla
hopefully your game progress would be backed up in google play. Add your google account to your new device, install this app, log in to your play account, and hope for the best...
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