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Falcon Pro 3
Falcon Pro 3
Falcon Pro 3
Falcon Pro 3
Falcon Pro 3
Falcon Pro 3
Falcon Pro 3
Falcon Pro 3

Review Falcon Pro 3

Brandon Girod
Beautiful material design, has a column setup to let you customize your experience
Missing key features like direct messaging, no picture zoom, and no way to delete tweets
At this point in the game, making a third party Twitter app seems like you’re setting yourself up for disaster. That said, there are still plenty of devs looking to cash in on their limited stake in the market and Falcon Pro 3 for Android is one of the best of the bunch.
In case you’re a bit confused by this app’s existence, there was indeed a Falcon Pro 1, which was another Twitter app. However, after several tries, the dev was unable to bypass Twitter’s 100,000 token limit and promptly stopped updating the app. Now it appears that Joaquim Verges is back for another go, and he’s updated his app with more features and a material design theme.
So, this app is all about columns, and it’s kind of cool because it doesn’t actually start out with any to begin with. Instead, you’ll build your own experience by adding columns yourself. What exactly are columns? They’re basically a way for you to easily organize your content so you’re not trying to read through an over saturated mega feed.
Unfortunately, the developer rushed the apps release and the app, in its current state, just doesn’t have the features to keep up to some of the other Twitter apps that has taken its place since it’s been absent.
Key features such as not being able to direct message, delete tweets, zoom in on pictures, no long press functionality, and more, are completely missing. He has stated that these are all things he plans on addressing in future updates, but at the moment the app is just incomplete.
Falcon Pro 3 has a long legacy as being one of the absolute best Twitter clients in the Play Store. Unfortunately, the developer rushed the app’s development, leaving out key features that most Twitter power users consider necessary. It’s an app to keep your eye on, though.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 9/10
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