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Mad Bullets
Mad Bullets
Mad Bullets
Mad Bullets
Mad Bullets
Mad Bullets
Mad Bullets
Mad Bullets
Mad Bullets

Review Mad Bullets

Kevin Vadala
Very fast paced, good style
Can feel quite challenging in a bad way
Mad Bullets for Android it's a frantic shooting game that has you shooting barrels, bullets in mid air, and villains all across the map. Sometimes, you even shoot locks off of helpless maidens. The game is very very reminiscent of arcade shooters that were once played with a handheld gun.Except this time you're doing it by tapping. And instead of coins, you are encouraged to spend money on micro-transactions in order to make your shooting spree continue, instead of ending abruptly.
Mad bullets has a very exciting energy in the game that I really enjoyed. While it can get repetitious and that every time you thought you had to replay the same level, there's also a certain satisfaction in knowing how to play the level better. Every time you go through the levels, it feels as if your reactions helped a little bit by your own intuitive memory of where the bag guys are to shoot.
In a lot of ways, Mad Bullets feels very satisfying. There's some really cool moments like when bolts shoot out of guns and are coming at you and you shoot them out of midair. Or other moments where you shoot the locks off of change victims or you sniper and to me that a shooting at you from far away.
While there are a lot of satisfying moments in the gameplay, it can also feel quite frustrating at times - a little too hard. All it takes is a couple of well-timed bullets to hit you and you're forced to restart the level, unless you want to fork over some money to get additional playtime.
The game works by you tapping to shoot and then tapping to reload. This is a very tedious relationship that you have to micromanage in order to do well at. I couldn't ever really figure out what the best strategy was whether to reload it every second, to save bullets for villainous people that shoot you, or just shoot everything you see in sight and try to get the most points as possible.
Mad Bullets is a fun game. And it looks pretty good too, with the style being reminiscent of Western comic books with deep textures. If you're looking for some fast-paced action with a western theme, Mad Bullets is a game for you.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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