Snow Queen 2: Bird and Weasel
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Review Snow Queen 2: Bird and Weasel

Tariq Abdulla
Many bonuses, good gameplay, nice graphics, lots of levels
In-app purchases, features ads
Snow Queen 2: Bird & Weasel for Android is a matching game tied in with the Snow Queen 2 movie. I haven’t seen this movie, or even the first movie. But I can say that the app is a pretty straightforward matching game, with the movie stuff being mainly background decoration. I guess the music score might be lifted from the movie, as it’s exceptionally good for game music.
The good thing about this being a movie tie-in is that they don’t need to make any more money on it, so there are no ads and no in app purchases to worry about. The game plays a bit different to your typical match 3, as you can slide in any direction, change direction, and even go back over yourself to make the longest chain you can. This seems to make the game kinda easy, though it is satisfying and responsive. The game is certainly kid-friendly, and makes you feel good about yourself when you manage an insanely long chain.
You will be matching up colored gems, and clearing stuff away from the board. There are occasional special tiles, like the bird, which lets you connect across different gems. Gems can get little lighting lines on them, which show you which direction they are going to blast when you collect them.
They haven’t put much effort into integrating movie elements in the game. But for devoted little fans of Snow Queen 2, it will be enough to see their favorite characters. And the gameplay is engaging enough to occupy for a good long while. The music is nice too; a definite bonus for parents!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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