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Review Linken

Kevin Vadala
Good presentation
Gameplay is boring and hard, expensive microtransactions
Linken for Android is a smooth cut game where animations slide across the screen like neon butter. Style is only one word for this game, but another few words might be “three-stars”. Confused? Well, let me lay it out for you plainly... Linken is another traditional mobile game that falls within the puzzle genre quite heavily (things start out light, but get hard fast--don’t expect to go anywhere if you can’t figure things out!). It relies on touch controls and the gameplay effects associated with the design. In the game, you just slide your fingers to create trails in particular orders. That’s it! While the gameplay can seem overly simplistic, it does have amazing presentation both in loading screens, and in level design itself.
Starting up Linken is a pleasure. You’ll find yourself being lead through the app with cool animated effects that bring you into the game, and out, or through menus, and in. By the time you actually get to the game, you might be disappointed. In the game, you connect dots like the popular game, “connect the dot”. There is another game very similar with neon colors that has been on the top 25 list for awhile. Except this time, you have limited number of moves, time limits, and certain priorities when you are dot connecting. Dots look glowy, and some are different colors based on which paths you need to create and thus keep separated. Sometimes you’ll find yourself making odd “S” shapes and other times you will need to make complex designs and puzzle things out.
Linken has great presentation and polish, but I didn’t find myself intrigued by the concept of the game, or the way it played out. It started out super easy, and then got really hard-- really fast. I found myself unsure of which moves to make and what to do, even though I understood the rules. I’ve seen games like this before, and unfortunately, (besides some flashy visuals and cool design) Linkin just doesn’t feel different enough to keep me interested.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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