Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator
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Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator
Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator
Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator
Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator
Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator
Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator
Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator
Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator

Review Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator

Brandon Girod
The app feels light and fast, it comes packed with annotation features, it has a beautiful ui, features dropbox sync
The app autosaves when you back out rather than discarding the changes
I deal with tons of PDF documents in my day job to know that no matter how great your PDF reader is on your phone, it’s still not going to be a great experience. With that said, sometimes convenience plays a more important role than practicality so you find yourself annotating PDFs on the go. Xodo - PDF Reader & Annotator aims to make this process as easy and intuitive as it possibly can.
This app should be praised alone because it comes with an incredible ‘Getting Started’ document to help you familiarize yourself with everything the app can do. It’s really intuitive and will increase your productivity in no time.
The app’s UI is simple and beautiful. The menu stays out of the way while still allowing you to navigate through your files in a practical manner. The settings are laid out in an equally intuitive manner. When you’re in the PDF viewer you’ll notice how large the tools are for your convenience. My biggest gripe with using something like OfficeSuite is just how heavy the app feels. This app feels light and fast. When opening large documents like digital magazines, all of the pages loaded quickly and I never had to stop and wait for pages to render.
Xodo - PDF Reader & Annotator was actually a pretty surprising app. I had personally never heard of it before, but I can confidently say it will be replacing my current PDF reader. The tools are easy to use, the app is fast, and it doesn’t slow down or stutter like other PDF readers.

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Ayan Roy
Sir, I want to download your app for my mobile. I have no internet connection in my mobile, I want to download it in my pc and then take it in my mobile. So, how can I download your app in my pc without installing it in pc?
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately this method is not officially supported. It may be possible to find an .apk file and install it, yet I will not provide a link as it is not supported by the developers. If you do wish to install it using a data cable simply copy the .apk file onto your device and then run it using your device's file manager. Please note that even so it may require an internet connection to download updates and such.
A much easier method would be to connect your device to an open WiFi in your area and use it to download the app.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
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