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Review InstaWeather

Brandon Girod
Has a unique concept, introduces social features into a weather app
Seems like it only caters to a niche audience, most of the features are locked behind a pay wall.
Are you someone who loves taking photos of their food and immediately posting them on Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr? Well I’ve got just the app for you! Instaweather for Android aims to let you take that same concept and apply it to the weather. Take a beautiful picture of nature, or wherever you might be, and send it straight from the app. That’s the jist of it.
What I like about this app is it doesn’t try to kid itself by pretending it’s a fully fledged weather app. It doesn’t bring you graphs or up-to-the minute weather updates and alerts. When you first bring up the app, it gives you the ability to snap a photo, crop it, and then throw a little weather info filter on top of the photo. You can swipe through a ton of free skins, but there are also a bunch that are unlocked for $.99.
As far as weather info is concerned, it gives you the wind speed, direction, your location, the temperature, and then the “feels like” temp. That’s about it. It’s not looking to replace any other weather app on your phone, it just brings a somewhat unique concept to weather.
Photos can be shared through just about any social website you could think of and there are a lot of options you can mess around with.
Instaweather is a unique concept, but it’s not one that I’m sure will really catch on because it’s teetering on the edge between two demographics. Most of the instagram crowd is younger, and the weather isn’t really a huge talking point unless it’s remarkable. Older people don’t use social media in the same way the instagram crowd does. I can see a few scenarios where having this would be interesting, but it’s pretty limited.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 7/10
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