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Infinity Dungeon
Infinity Dungeon
Infinity Dungeon
Infinity Dungeon
Infinity Dungeon
Infinity Dungeon
Infinity Dungeon
Infinity Dungeon

Review Infinity Dungeon

Brandon Girod
Has a great retro pixel art style, takes you back to the classic dungeon crawler
Lacks a real polish, gameplay feels a bit chaotic, the writing is just plain bad
If you’ve been a fan of mobile games for the past year or two, you’ve probably noticed a lot of games could easily be described by simply adding the prefix “endless” in front of the genre. Infinity Dungeon for Android makes a bold statement by using a synonym, but the idea is still the same. You take control of two adventurers trying to unlock an “endless” dungeon’s riches.
Playing this game is like watching one of those “storage warriors” opening up a storage unit they just won an auction for. They’ll probably find something cool in it, but they’ve gotta dig for it first. The concept of running through a seemingly endless dungeon is definitely not new, and this game tries to embrace a more modern, but still pixelated, aesthetic of traditional dungeon crawlers.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of polishing needed. There isn’t a lot of gameplay to be found here, to be honest. Your characters run in a straight line through the dungeon from a side-scrolling perspective, and they automatically attack enemies. You’ve also got 4 skills you can use to help speed up the process, and you will need to utilize and manage these skills in an effective manner in order to succeed.
While you proceed through the dungeon, you’ll gain resources that you can spend in order to upgrade your characters and, eventually, some more powerful gear. While I was playing through the game, I just couldn’t help but wish the game had more polish. The game worked and ran fine. But the story is abysmal, and the text is basic, at best, and riddled with odd phrasing, sentence structure, and grammatical mistakes. The combat was also hit or miss, and overall just felt too chaotic to enjoy.
I really want to like Infinity Dungeon because it has a nice aesthetic, and doesn’t ruin the game with free-to-play gimmicks. Most people will probably be able to get past the obvious grammar mistakes, but it just gives the game a poor presentation in general.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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