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Repost for Instagram
Repost for Instagram
Repost for Instagram
Repost for Instagram
Repost for Instagram
Repost for Instagram
Repost for Instagram
Repost for Instagram

Review Repost for Instagram

Kevin Vadala
Useful for a certain crowd
Niche to an extreme
Repost for Instagram is an alternative Instagram app that lets you repost images very easily. It works by showing you previous pictures that your friends have posted (or popular post pictures that have been posted) then you can simply tap “repost” with the user’s name on the bottom of the post that shows the original poster. The app aims to make reposting an easier experience. While it's not a super necessary app for everyone to have or even need, it can get the job done very easily for those who need to repost pictures quickly and efficiently.
The app doesn’t look the best, because it doesn’t quite look optimized on my S4. Everything feels a little stretched and a fuzzy, but it works fine. You have your three basic tabs with posts from your feed. A popular tab to show related posts, your own profile with basic information, and then your own Instagram posts. People have reported that the app doesn’t work, but I ran into no issues using the app simply by logging in and using it (you need to have Instagram itself installed onto your device).
Reposting is a very simple process. You tap repost, and then you are taken into the Instagram app to post the photo with your similarly known Instagram process. Crop photo, add information, and then post.
Repost for Instagram is an app that has one purpose and it does it well. There are annoying pop-up ads, so watch out for those!

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 6/10
Design 6/10
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Frances woods
I am on an Amazon device and I can't download from Google Play because it isn't compatible with device. I have an Amazon Fire tablet with no Google play.
Brandon Girod
FireOS is a forked version of Android and doesn't come with Google Apps. Unfortunately, this app isn't offered on the Amazon app store right now.
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