Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes
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Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes
Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes
Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes
Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes
Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes
Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes
Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes
Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes
Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes

Review Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes

Kevin Vadala
Good content if you can find it
Overall content requires sifting, requires a lot of use to reap benefits
Mixcloud - Radio & DJ Mixes for Android is an app that feels like SoundCloud, but explicitly for more electronic styled music. In the app you can follow people, use categories to find different music stations, or search stations through featured listings. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the music that I found through the app, I can’t deny it was a solid experience. This is why I found it similar to SoundCloud - both apps work similarly, and with both apps I had a semi-hard time finding music I wanted to listen to; as is the case with all radios that give you free music.
A lot of the channels seemed like a hit or miss for me, and when you navigate deeper into the music finding experience it can be hard to find the exact sort of music you are looking for. Things categorized into certain categories don’t always sound like you’d want them to, but I had great success in finding ambient music in the ambient categories, and a few other categories as well. I found the classical category particularly strange sounding, however. I don’t fault Mixcloud too much with my pickiness, but these apps always make finding music in the app seem like a revolution - and a lot of the time you’ll find that you find the same music a lot because the categories don’t update very frequently. In order to keep finding different music, you are going to have to explore all avenues of the app, like following people etc.
The interface in Mixcloud is great, with different tabs offering different solutions like categories, discover, profile, and feed - both of which are included in the main interface and the side interface as well. I like that categories are displayed in a tile interface.
Mixcloud is a great app for those looking for an electronic based DJ-style radio. It feels like SoundCloud almost to a fault, so if you like that app, you’ll find what you love or hate about it here as well.

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Usefulness 7/10
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Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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