The Bursting Dead
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The Bursting Dead
The Bursting Dead
The Bursting Dead
The Bursting Dead
The Bursting Dead

Review The Bursting Dead

Brandon Girod
Rotating level goals keeps the game interesting, fun, over-the-top action, doesn't have intrusive ads or try to limit how long you can play with gimmicky resources
The difficulty spikes unevenly
The Bursting Dead for Android reminds me of those old side-scrolling brawlers that frequented the Sega Genesis and the SNES. You play as a hero who runs around through different levels destroying zombies, sneaking past them, or just trying to survive.
The gameplay is really fun and easy to jump into. You have on-screen controls, but everything is really responsive and works well overall. I never ran into a situation where I felt the button was placed awkwardly, nor did I ever press the button expecting to move in a direction, but nothing happen.
You’ve got an overhead map, that is typical for mobile games, and there are multiple game types. Each level usually has a different goal from the last. For instance, sometimes you’ll have to survive for 40 seconds, other times you’ll be confronted by a boss, or maybe they’ll throw you down there expecting you to pretty much kill everything that moves. It’s never the same thing over and over again, though.
Weapon upgrades, unfortunately, come in at a snail’s pace. You’ll find yourself loaded with different guns you can buy, and you can even afford, but the level requirements and difficulty of the game will require you to forego purchasing new ones, and spend your money on expensive upgrades instead.
The Bursting Dead has great artwork, fun gameplay, and is really responsive. Each level has different goals you’ll be aiming for, so you won’t be stuck doing the same thing over and over again. And there’s no score tier system that requires you to play levels over and over. I did find that the difficulty scaled a bit high at times, though, and there was no real way to grind coins to help you out after making a bad decision. Overall, the game is really fun, even if it is another zombie game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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