Empire VS Orcs
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Empire VS Orcs
Empire VS Orcs
Empire VS Orcs
Empire VS Orcs
Empire VS Orcs
Empire VS Orcs

Review Empire VS Orcs

Sergei Petrov
Empire VS Orcs - this is an interesting game for Android, in a mix of genres of strategy and arcade. The essence of the game is the confrontation between two great fortresses, orcs on one hand, and Empire (people) on the other.
Game Created by Ezjoy, which also gave us one of the most successful clone of Zuma - Puzzle Marble Blast 2 . This strategy should also definitely lovers Tower Defense, as there still exist some elements common to the genre.


The playing field consists of one main road, on different sides of which are opposing forces. The road itself is divided into five strips, each of which can be driven by soldiers. If the enemies and allies intersect in a line, then they come to fight, and if they are on different lines, the cost of each other as if no notice.
The strategy of the game is to correctly distribute hired soldiers in these very lines, push the enemy's army to his own strength and break through the fortress itself. The task is not easy, because resources and recovery time soldiers will be severely limited.
Each type of warrior in the game strong against a specific enemy, so before hiring to see who you will have to let the enemy, and to act in opposition. To start a warrior on the strip, just drag its icon to the box.
In addition to the process of struggle, which is similar to Plants vs Zombies, where the plants have finally come to life and learned to walk, the game supports many improvements to the castle and lots of useful spells that can change the outcome of the battle. For more rapid receipt of gold, we have to rebuild in accessible locations and Rudnikova gold mine.

Features Empire VS Orcs for Android:

  • A fascinating and unusual geimpley;
  • Colorful graphics;
  • A large number of attacking units with the ability to improve them;
  • The use of magic and superpowers.
If at the beginning of the game may seem boring, but towards the middle of the game, the screen will be a real chopper, as we employ the army is no longer on a 1 unit at a time, and once the whole group.
Summary. Empire VS Orcs - this is an entertaining strategy for Android with an interesting idea and worthy of implementation. The disadvantages of the game is the absence of multiplayer (where he would have been very useful) and a system of donation, because without financial investment level has been very hard.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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