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Air Control 2
Air Control 2
Air Control 2
Air Control 2
Air Control 2
Air Control 2
Air Control 2
Air Control 2
Air Control 2

Review Air Control 2

Vlad Popa
Highly amusing gameplay, same screen multiplayer, simple controls
Expensive maps
Air Control 2 for Android is a game where the user assumes the role of an air traffic controller, and gets a glimpse of one of the most stressful jobs on the planet; where lives depend on the men and women that guide our daily planes for a safe landing.
The game gives players a bird’s eye view of the landing strips. It falls to the player to guide every aircraft in for safe landings and be sure they stay out of other plane's paths to avoid a collision. ,There are several types of aircraft that the user needs to get accustomed to, from regular planes to helicopters and zeppelins. Players need to factor in speed when a route is chosen for each aircraft. The planes can differ in model too, and with that their speed. Each aircraft is color-coded to match the runway it must land on.
Tapping on an aircraft and dragging your finger across the screen will designate the path that aircraft will follow. The path remains visible along with a visual indicator that will let the user know if the path was successfully drawn to the runway. More aircraft will start swarming the screen with time, and an accident is bound to happen at the slightest mistake. Re-routing the planes is allowed, and the user will be doing so repeatedly to avoid pile-ups at the runway and collisions. To add flavor, the game throws in some obstacles like blazing storms that need to be avoided, and radio jams.
Air Control 2 is a cute game with worldwide locations available for unlocking and a multiplayer where a friend can join in and guide planes on the same tablet with the user. The only downside is the high cost required in order to unlock new maps. Other than that, the game is worth a try as it will surely bring hours of fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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