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Review Brainsquare

Kevin Vadala
Good potential
Needs more polish
Brainsquare for Android does actually feel like a hard puzzle game, and for the most part, its a fun and interesting game as well. The graphic design is well done, as the style feels simple, but bright and colorful. It almost feels like you are pushing around neon-colored legos.
While the game gives me a good impression when I play it, it wasn't as easy to play as I would expect from a good game. The game is very buggy and unresponsive at times, which caused the app to crash or just freeze. That's very frustrating, and not really acceptable for a first time use basis. After reviewing over 300 apps, I thought that I simply wasn’t swiping right to move a block, but the game had actually froze. Actually, the game worked less than I actually got to play it, which is unfortunate, and will undoubtedly hurt the game’s overall score.
When I did get to play the game, I liked the mechanics in that they required me to think carefully before moving. It’s not a twitch game, or a fast thinking puzzle game. It's a game that requires you to spatially visualize moves ahead, because you have a limited move set in which you can play all of the colored tiles against tiles of the same color. As you progress throughout the levels, this task becomes more and more difficult. The level designs, and design of blocks, become increasingly complicated in various diamond shapes or other odd shapes, which make matching colors difficult. You simply slide a block to match it over one, but things become difficult when there is a diamond shape and the block moves from right into the left side, and then you need to move one directly above it.
Brainsquare has good controls and a good concept. But unfortunately, at this time, the concept seems wasted, as the app is a buggy mess. If the developers can iron out of the bugs, a solid puzzle experience will be left behind.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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