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Battle Mushrooms
Battle Mushrooms
Battle Mushrooms
Battle Mushrooms
Battle Mushrooms

Review Battle Mushrooms

Sergei Petrov
Battle Mushrooms - it's pretty original mix of genres of strategy and Tower Defense, in which we have to protect the planet inhabited by fungi, from alien invasion. The quiet and comfortable mushroom life came to an end, it's time to learn to fight and create its own army.
The developers of the game by the Russian studio Poganka Games together with the publisher Game Garden. The game is distributed free of charge with built-in shopping, which will help open up new improvements and make the game a little easier.


Battle Mushrooms game is very different from the rest of the genre of Tower Defense. The developers have decided to depart from the usual mazes. All the action was transferred to a single 3D-plane, where one side is our base and head mushroom, and the other an alien ship lands.
The main resource in the game - crystals. To get one, you need to rebuild the supporting fungi that resources are pumped to the base. Build them only at a certain distance from the main fungus and from each other. By themselves, these mushrooms are expanding their influence and allow further and further rebuilding other fungi (attack and defense).
Supporting mushrooms create the whole underground network, which gives strength to all other fungi. If the reference fungus is destroyed, all the attacking fungi that are in his area, stop attacking. At this point and based the whole strategic concept, which must be properly and timely to build support for mushrooms capture territory and resources.

Features Battle Mushrooms for Android:

  • 15 large and exciting missions with three levels of difficulty;
  • Improved 3D-graphics;
  • About twenty different attacking fungi;
  • 8 colorful characters to choose from;
  • Unique geimpley;
  • Full Russian translation.
The game is more perceived as a strategy than Tower Defense, as distinct from the classical representatives of the genre ( Radiant Defense , Jelly Defense ) is greater than the similarity.
The game has an important and negative side. Since it is free, the developers have included in the game vnutreigrovye purchase stars, which can be opened to improve and buy the characters. It turns out that if you play at a low level of complexity, as a reward give only one star, then by the four levels of the game just becomes impassable, as there is not much you try. On the face of a complete imbalance in the direction of the game of buying these very stars (donation).
We hope that the developers will come a little altered and the balance toward the player, otherwise potentially hit game can be ruined, then we certainly do not want. In fairness, we note that it is possible and free of charge from the star, placing ads in my Facebook, Twitter, or by setting the game program from partners.
Summary. Battle Mushrooms - this is a very interesting and unusual strategy with elements of Tower Defense, which, at a minimum, lures his idea and the quality of implementation. For passing each level there are always several options and strategies, so I have to think about every good next step, accompanying the army to victory over the mushrooms aliens.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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