Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting
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Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting
Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting
Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting
Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting
Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting
Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting
Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting
Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting

Review Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting

Kevin Vadala
Variety of combos
Animations and graphics are low quality
Slashers: Intense 2d Fighting for Android is an intense fighting game, unlike any fighting game I’ve ever played before. It’s…. so… intense!!! Well, not really. Sure it has mechanics that I’ve seen before in other fighting games: unlockable characters, different levels, and a few different modes. But its nothing I haven’t seen before in a better looking package.
The graphics in the game feel a bit sloppy, and are not very detailed. The graphics and character design look like things created in a mushy style, where things don’t feel like they pop out that much or are really meant to “wow” you. Suffice to say, the graphic style of the game is low budget, as are the animations. Your characters don’t feel like living breathing characters, but instead models that animate when you push buttons. When you punch, it's a super quick jab that feels robotic and unattached to the rest of the body. This results in the combat of the game feeling quite strange and robotic, even though it is very fast-paced. Unfortunately, this dexterity and smoothness is vital for a fighting game; and Slashers doesn't quite get it right.
In Slashers: Intense 2d Fighting, the controls in the game work decently, as any sort of mobile fighting game can. There is the customary onscreen virtual d-pad, and the buttons on the side which perform moves like kick, jab, and grab. Blocking works well too, and combos are hard to pull off, like every other fighting game; although the computer seems very competent when it comes to combos. The combos are decently flashy, and look cool to perform. However, there is a lot of health in the health meters in this game. Fights last a long time, which doesn’t feel like a good thing. Hits don’t feel particularly impactful.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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