Super Falling Fred
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Super Falling Fred
Super Falling Fred
Super Falling Fred
Super Falling Fred
Super Falling Fred
Super Falling Fred
Super Falling Fred

Review Super Falling Fred

Sergei Petrov
Super Falling Fred - this is very unusual and exciting runner, in which we will operate from a skyscraper falling man. The essence of the game is to fly as long as possible without touching the walls and eaves of houses.
Game released studio Dedalord, and this is the second to be part of the runner (the first is called as well, but without the prefix "Super"). Game made entirely in 3D, on your own physics engine with realistic model of man's fall.


Character control is fully implemented using the accelerometer. The main character in flight moves in the direction that we move the smartphone. And the movement is not immediately, but gradually, so that creates a feeling of the real incidence.
Bloody events begin right after you accidentally touches the ledge, wall or pipe. Our hero immediately get bloody wound starts to bleed, and the icon in the upper left corner will demonstrate our current physical health on the bloody face.
Face obstacles can be only 1-2 times, then the game is over, and our hero falls with a crash to the ground, but by the great happiness survives! Also, the game ends immediately when the hero falls for the air conditioner and any other subject in which you can get stuck. After each session, we will get points and rewards in the form of game currency that can be spent on gadgets and upgrades.

Features Super Falling Fred for Android:

  • Funny 3D-graphics;
  • Realistic physics engine;
  • Fascinating geimpley;
  • Huge number of additional gadgets and amplifiers;
  • Dynamic soundtrack.
Diversity game add various amplifiers that can slow down time for a few seconds, increase the speed, turn us into a ball of fire, and more. For the money you can also discover the ability to enable, in the event of contact with a flat surface with your finger to push the hero.
Summary. Super Falling Fred - is an exciting and unusual game, indirectly related to the genre of Android-runner. If you do not mind a lot of blood and violence, be sure to try this game, especially since there are several levels of complexity.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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