XnInstant Camera - for Selfie
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XnInstant Camera - for Selfie
XnInstant Camera - for Selfie
XnInstant Camera - for Selfie
XnInstant Camera - for Selfie
XnInstant Camera - for Selfie
XnInstant Camera - for Selfie
XnInstant Camera - for Selfie
XnInstant Camera - for Selfie

Review XnInstant Camera - for Selfie

Kevin Vadala
Good "PhotoBooth" type app
Slows down shutter speed, not very useful
XnInstant Camera-Selfie for Android is a camera app that makes instant filters and camera editing available before you even take a picture. With the app, you can do basic things like adjusting filters, or more complex things like changing brightness, contrast, or saturation. There are also a few other features like a grid system and multi-shoot photo composition.
While XnInstant looks nice and colored, but it doesn’t have an intuitive or easy to use interface. There is simply the photo section, that shows your camera screen with two red borders; and then icons everywhere. By looking at the icons, you can sorta tell what means what, but there are a lot to keep track of, and some are too vague. For people unfamiliar with camera apps, I can see them getting confused. But then again, those sort of people probably wouldn’t even find the app itself, or bother using it. For the more advanced user, XnInstant can appear initially confusing, but after digging around and thinking about the icons, it has a workable interface that looks decent.
One thing about XnInstant that irritates me is that the shutter is extremely slow. This wouldn’t be a problem for landscape shots, where you can hold your hands still for a considerable amount of time (it still might be an annoyance). But as far as selfies go, it can become quite painful to hold your face in a particular expression for over a hour. After just taking one photo, I had to have my face slowly massaged out of its contorted gesture. I kid, but really, it takes a few seconds to snap a picture, which is enough time to get a blurry face if you moved or your dog attacks you.
XnInstant has a fair amount of features, but none that really impressed me. I think my favorite thing about the app was the dice feature, which randomized filters and settings for you to take a picture with. The multi-shot picture maker is also fun, and makes the app almost feel like a personal photo booth. (This is actually what the app feels like, except a much harder to use mobile edition).

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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