Treasures of Mystery Island
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Treasures of Mystery Island
Treasures of Mystery Island
Treasures of Mystery Island
Treasures of Mystery Island
Treasures of Mystery Island

Review Treasures of Mystery Island

Sergei Petrov
Jojo - a fascinating quest for tablets and smartphones on Android, in which we find ourselves on a mysterious island inhabited by extraordinary people. Our task will be to search for ancient treasure and solve a huge number of puzzles and mini-tasks.
Game developer studio stands Alawar, and that means at least two things: an interesting plot, and full localization in Russian, which is very important for quests. The main hero of the game is Alex, the typical searcher travel and big bummer.


The game begins with the main map of the island, on which are marked with red dots current job (hidden object scenes). Usually, available several scenes, and they can be held at the same time, switching from one to another scene. Very often the objects of the same scene will be needed to activate the mechanism in the other scene.
Hidden object scenes themselves are made at a sufficiently high level, and typically we will not search the whole subject, and collect it in parts and pieces, which significantly complicate the search process itself. In some places, the scenery too merge with objects and find them almost impossible, but in these cases to help tips.
Originally Jojo designed for PC and then ported to Android. This may be evident in some rough spots in the menus and interface that is unnatural for touch. Developers can forgive these flaws, especially as their next game, for example, Snark Buster , do not have such shortcomings.

Features Mystery Island quest for Android:

  • More than 20 great hidden object scenes;
  • A large variety of puzzles;
  • A fascinating story;
  • Large number of interesting awards;
  • Fully localized into Russian.
The strength of the game is to have a mini-puzzles (moving statues, puzzles over time, mazes, etc.), each of which is unique, and requires mental effort. Many players are stuck on these tasks, so here's a hint: the game's page in Google Play you can find answers to some of them.
Summary. Jojo - this is a worthy representative of the quests on the search of items for Android-devices. For the presence of small roughness game deserves only 4 points, but the big plus is that you can play it for free ad-or buy the full version for a minimal amount of 30 rubles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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