The Enchanted Kingdom
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The Enchanted Kingdom
The Enchanted Kingdom
The Enchanted Kingdom
The Enchanted Kingdom
The Enchanted Kingdom

Review The Enchanted Kingdom

Sergei Petrov
Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure - a mix of fascinating quest in the genre of "hidden object" puzzles and "three in a row." This whole set is packaged in a rather interesting story with unusual charismatic characters and unusual challenges.
The developer of the game were well known to all of us studio HeroCraft, which account for more than a dozen decent Android-games, for example, the theory of tiny explosions , Musaic Box and Clinic (be sure to see their reviews, if fond of the genre).


Gameplay consists of three main components - a search for items, solving puzzles on the "three in a row" and the movement on the map of the kingdom to the implementation of simple quests.
At this point, the game is about 50 levels, which are evenly spread across the vast kingdom. Fulfilling the mission, we will gradually increase their ownership, to equip the city and help ordinary citizens.
Especially developers allocate what the game completely missing elements of violence and cruelty, that today is quite rare!
Search for items
The process of finding items in The Enchanted Kingdom can be an example for other developers with similar quests. When we click on the item found on the map point appears (sight), where we clicked. So, even if you accidentally missed, then the second time will inevitably find yourself on the subject, no matter how small it may be.
Quest to find items in the game changes every time, it can be to find a set of identical items, uniform items (colored stones) or search the entire row. The top panel is always spelled the name of the thing to find, and in brackets indicate the number. If you experience problems with the search, you can use the hint (limited quantity).
Three in a row
The game has two types of puzzles on the "three in a row." In the first, we have to collect a chain of one-color crystals, spending on them with your finger. Is it the same as in the game Diamond Boom , just no limits!
In the second version we swap neighboring crystals, until one number will rise at least three crystals of one color, then they will explode and disappear.
In both cases, the game continues until such time as all the lower marked yellow, the crystals would not be destroyed. To destroy them, have on several occasions to use them as part of the chain. Toward the middle of the passage of one level of the game puzzle takes up to 20-30 minutes!

Features The Enchanted Kingdom for Android:

  • More than 50 levels;
  • Different variations of puzzles and hidden object;
  • Colorful HD-graphics;
  • Interesting built-in mini-games;
  • A fascinating story and memorable characters;
  • Full translation into Russian.
The game is distributed in the free version with integrated advertising and a paid version without ads and with more resources and bonuses for 59 rubles.
Summary. Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure - this is a very high quality and intense game in which all the elements of quests and puzzles combine harmoniously together. Drawback of the game is exactly one: if you download it just to find items, you will also have to pass a puzzle, "three in a row," the same is true in the opposite case. But if you like these two genres, then the game you will be ecstatic!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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