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Devils & Demons
Devils & Demons
Devils & Demons
Devils & Demons
Devils & Demons

Review Devils & Demons

Brandon Girod
Excellent turn-based combat system, lots of classes to play and level, intuitive ui
Huge ad banner on the free version
Devils and Demons for Android is a turn-based RPG game that reminds me a lot of the combat in XCOM or Final Fantasy Tactics. The game’s story is based around a demonic portal that has unleashed hordes of demons. As a player in a video game, you’re obviously the only one capable of stopping this menace.
The very first thing you’ll notice is that if you didn’t pay for the game, then you’ll see a gigantic ad banner going across the top of your screen. It literally takes up about a fourth, if not more, of what you seen. Is the game itself worth the price to you? That’s not for me to decide, but this is one of the absolute worst ways to implement ads into the game.
Now, as for the game itself, the combat is pretty fun and engaging if you enjoy turn-based RPGs. Every movement and attack your character makes costs an action point; and your heroes typically have 2 APs they can use per turn. Some attacks will cost 1 or 2 APs, and sometimes they’ll even have cooldowns. The entire level is turn-based, so you can easily find one of your faster characters turn victim to an ambush if you don’t traverse the map carefully.
There are many different classes you can recruit and level up. Each has their own abilities to use. Your party can have up to 5 characters, and battles can get pretty intense and heated. Especially when you find yourself fighting a boss and you’ve just realized you’re out of health and mana potions.
Devils and Demons is a pretty fun turn-based RPG, but the ad banner on the free version kind of kills my enthusiasm for the game. I don’t mind supporting and recommending people support good game developers, but the giant ad banner is a huge turn off. If you don’t mind throwing down a few dollars to really enjoy the game, it’s good fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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