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Slots Vacation
Slots Vacation
Slots Vacation
Slots Vacation
Slots Vacation
Slots Vacation

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Ollie Green
Funny sounds, neat graphics, lots of levels, simple controls
Difficult to play without in-app purchases
Slots Vacation for Android is a fun, accessible slots game that is filled with a variety of different slot machines. The unique feature about this particular game is that it seems fairly easy to earn winnings from playing slots, because there are so many different winning combinations.
In this game, you will start at level 1, which will give you access to just one slot machine. This first machine is beach-themed, and has a variety of beach related slots. As you level up, you will unlock more slot machines to play on, although the second machine cannot be played until you reach level 7, which cannot be reached until you've played the first machine for at least 20 minutes.
Leveling up will offer you a chance to earn a bonus, as well as a lump cash reward. Some level rewards will take multiple level-ups before they can be claimed, such as the scene reward. With this, you will reveal an item in a scene for every time you level up, and your cash reward will only be given to you once you have revealed all of the items within a scene.
This kind of bonus gives players a little bit more to look forward to as they grind out levels on each slot machine, which I think some players may not enjoy that much. Whilst it is completely possible to get to level 7 to unlock the next machine; having an unlucky streak could end you with zero coins in your in-game bank, leaving you with no option but to spend money on in-app purchases.
Slots Vacation is certainly an option for those that don't want to spend money on real slots games, but if you aren't careful with your winnings, you may be forced to pay real money to continue playing.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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