Runtastic Butt Trainer
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Runtastic Butt Trainer
Runtastic Butt Trainer
Runtastic Butt Trainer
Runtastic Butt Trainer
Runtastic Butt Trainer
Runtastic Butt Trainer
Runtastic Butt Trainer
Runtastic Butt Trainer

Review Runtastic Butt Trainer

Tariq Abdulla
Straight into the action, clean ui, set daily programme to follow
Pro version too expensive
Butt Trainer for Android is new workout programme from Runtastic that is totally focussed on building your ass muscles. You need these muscles for sitting, and for drawing more attention to your flattering jeans or yoga pants. I'm guessing most readers are more interested in the second thing.
I'd like to make my scientific position on this totally clear from the outset: focusing your exercises on particular body areas is not going to help you lose more fat from those areas. It's a simple "energy in minus energy out equals energy stored" equation, and your body is going to store extra energy wherever it sees fit. Butt workouts aren't going to burn butt fat any faster than other types of exercise. However, they will tone those muscles at the same time; which may help you achieve your sexy-ass aspirations faster.
Ok, disclaimer over with, what we have here is very capable workout app; that gets straight into the action with minimal messing around. The instructional videos are just what you need, nothing more nothing less. They are given by a simple CGI character; which helps you stay focused on the workouts. You can integrate music with the Runtastic Music app.
Butt Trainer follows a daily programme with a different exercise sequence each day, lasting about 12-15 minutes. There isn't that much content in the free version. There's a week of workouts, with the easy level exercises. You can test out creating custom workouts, which has a neat quick-to-use interface. Most of the content is behind a relatively hefty in-app purchase fee, but you can get a useable taste for free. Enough for you to figure out whether you are likely to actually stick to the workouts anyway.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 7/10
Design 9/10
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