Battle Empire: Roman Wars
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Battle Empire: Roman Wars
Battle Empire: Roman Wars
Battle Empire: Roman Wars
Battle Empire: Roman Wars
Battle Empire: Roman Wars
Battle Empire: Roman Wars
Battle Empire: Roman Wars
Battle Empire: Roman Wars
Battle Empire: Roman Wars
Battle Empire: Roman Wars

Review Battle Empire: Roman Wars

Kevin Vadala
Great roman theme
Has some bugs, doesn't feel different
Battle Empire: Roman Wars for Android is a free-to-play base-building game with a Roman theme. The game has many standard elements inside of it like collecting currency and fighting against other towns and bases. When you aren’t fighting you spend the majority of your time building buildings and upgrading them to higher levels. Then you can also spend currency to create units that will fight in your wars.
Battle Empire has some issues within the game that make it feel less than truly polished. A lot of the menus lag and hiccup, or generally just feel poorly designed. For example, it took me a great while longer to figure out how to tap to create units than the units took to create. Each time to add a unit, you have to pick or choose whether or not to spend the virtual currency diamond or not. This hassle, and others, make the game feel much more like a chore than other base builders already feel like, which is a very bad thing. The game has glaring errors when it comes to battles, as half of the time I couldn’t even enter the battle to attack cities.
In terms of graphical merit, Battle Empire feels very standard. It has the same cartoon buildings, and layout of the city as most base builders do. However, the character models that give dialogue look a little strange and fake; almost like they were created by using play-doh; in an odd sort of way.
Base Builder games are a dime a dozen, and some stand out because of their graphical abilities, cool theme, their polish, funny vibes, or whatever. This game doesn’t excel in any of those areas except for its cool theme; which, from the first time that I played, didn’t really seem to matter to me that much. There wasn’t any additional gameplay elements added in, since I was an emperor versus just some other person in another base builder game.
Battle Empire: Roman Wars is a standard basebuilder game for the most part, but it needs some tweaks in order to be fully playable.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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Help very untreated in the game an addic till now but I can't conqur any more y is that pls help
Brandon Girod
Can you be more detailed about what's going on in your game? I'm not sure I understand. 
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