7 Minute Superhero Workout
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7 Minute Superhero Workout
7 Minute Superhero Workout
7 Minute Superhero Workout
7 Minute Superhero Workout
7 Minute Superhero Workout
7 Minute Superhero Workout
7 Minute Superhero Workout

Review 7 Minute Superhero Workout

Kevin Vadala
Great use, kinect-style motion tracking
Feels corny at times
7 Minute Superhero Workout for Android is a creative and interactive workout experience. In the game you play a soldier who is inside a suit. I guess the idea is that your phone is sort of like your view screen, with two panels on each side that show you information; the main part of it being your way of looking out of your helmet. While I wasn’t totally engrossed and immersed into the videogame part of the experience, I was very impressed with the workout and exercise component that tracks your movements. 7 Minute Superhero has a surprising amount of content, and every bit of the app feels polished, smooth, and error free. I also didn’t encounter any ads or things that seemed to indicate the app wasn’t worth the upfront price.
I really liked the motion tracking in 7 Minute Superhero. Sometimes it can be annoying, in that you have to set the camera so it can see you (for example I had to set the phone in front of my head while doing pushups, and then in front of my whole body a small distance away when I was doing squats). But it works great. With each rep you do, it is very satisfying to see the meter count your work. It motivates you to do as many as you can which I like. I thought to myself, “man I need to dodge those incoming missiles”. Well, not really. I think the interactive experience might have been a little bit better if it was more Halo-esque; fighting soldiers or even being part of a military boot camp experience.
Like I said before, 7 Minute Superhero has a lot of content. There are a wide variety of missions to accomplish after your tutorial, a swathe of 7 minute content, and a lot of very specific content based on what you want to work out. From what I saw, I particularly liked “Wing man”, a complete and strenuous upper body workout.
7 Minute Superhero might not really turn you into a superhero, but it is an app that can motivate you to exercise with its excellent motion tracking and superb amount of content.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 9/10
Design 8/10
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