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Review Zoobe

Kevin Vadala
Funny ideas
Videos don't look amazing
Zoobe for Android lets you put your voice inside a variety of cuddly (although somewhat poorly detailed and pixelated) creatures. You do this by downloading the creature you want, then you simply record your voice and process the video. For each creature, there are also different animations available for you to choose from to make your video.
Zoobe is an interesting idea, but it doesn’t really look that amazing. The whole concept of this app relies on looking really cool and funny, and while it does work, it doesn’t look as good as you would want it to. The monsters, creatures, or whatever you-want-to-call-thems, look very cartoon-based with rough edges. They look pretty good when you preview them to download, but the actual video doesn’t come out as nice as you might expect.
When I said that there are a variety of creatures, I wasn’t lying. There is a dinosaur, a badger with a hat, a bunny, a flirty woman named Awesome Eve (whose boobs are so big they literally pop through her shirt making the shirt look like it has been tailored in and around her boobs), a bug like in bugs life, and a whole bunch of other characters. Each one has a little story to describe the character and what they can do for you in terms of messaging. Some of these even cost money!
Once you get your video you can download it, or send it along. It’s up to you to have good creative agency when sending funny messages. Zoobe is a fun app for kids or for people looking for a silly distraction. The video quality won’t receive any awards, but most of the app works relatively easily and well.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 6/10
Design 7/10
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