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Pocket Rally
Pocket Rally
Pocket Rally
Pocket Rally
Pocket Rally

Review Pocket Rally

Vlad Popa
Customizable control scheme, great, adjustable camera, decent graphics
Free version offers limited features compared to the full version
Pocket Rally for Android is a game that introduces us to the world of rally racing. With a feel of the old rallying games that some of us played on PS1, this game does a lap with you on the nostalgia track.
The game offers us two game modes to play: Single Race Mode and Challenge Mode. Cars and tracks are unlocked for use in Single Race mode when players keep advancing in Challenge Mode. In single player mode, the player is required to simply beat his opponent in order to win the race; while challenge mode requires overcoming objectives. It is a great feature to incite the player to improve his driving skills and beat as many challenges thrown at him as possible.
The game offers us different control schemes to please all players when it comes to maneuvering. From tilting your device, to onscreen buttons for you to steer with arrows and pedals to control the braking and acceleration, or a slider to replace said arrows, the game has plenty of control customization, and also supports game pads. Choose the one that fits your play style as they all have a fast respond time. Another option for the user to play around with is the camera, that allows different viewpoints; from a birds-eye view to a normal behind the car, or a hood view.
The car models and track backgrounds have decent graphics with the car model clearly being ahead. The game’s physics give you the right amount of realism but are far from perfect. A minor concern is that the car’s momentum significantly drops when players try to launch into a drift around sharper corners. Each car has its own characteristics, and the more you play, the more prepared you will be for terrains with different ground surfaces as you start to unlock new cars. AI controlled opponents can be added on the track up to 4 maximum, with adjustable difficulty based on your skill level.
Pocket Rally is a neat little racing game. The developers were kind enough to design a free version that allows users to test out the game; yet consider springing for the full version, as the added features are worth the low price.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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