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Review edjing

Brandon Girod
Has all the basic features of a good DJ app, has a 50 million song library
The UI lacks polish and an intuitive design, the effects are severely limited
I’m no DJ, by any means. While I am a musician, I have no idea what it means to be a good DJ. But I’ve got a pretty good idea about what kind of features a DJ would look for in an mobile app, and Edjing for Android is one of the top contenders on the platform.
The creators of this app have recently agreed on a partnership between their company and Soundcloud, and also Deezer. Now, most DJs usually have all of their music already downloaded, but if you’re actually in a position where your phone is your most powerful tool, then you might find that it doesn’t quite have the memory capacity to keep up. Having these partnerships gives users immediate access to a library of 50 million songs. As long as you’ve got the data connection to support it.
The user interface is somewhat intuitive, but the way it labels its limited FX features can be frustrating. The delay, for instance, isn’t something you would immediately be able to look at and understand what it does. This brings us to the rather limited features. It supports a very basic looping feature that is good for up to 32 bars, has a few basic effects, and a simple 3 band EQ. For something you get for free, it’s got you covered for the basics, but it’s certainly not something I’d want to rely on at an actual gig.
Furthermore, some of the options in the music library are a bit limited as well. Sorting through music doesn’t have all of the options I would think to look for, like genre and tempo.
Overall Edjing works well for all of its basic intended purpose, but it only really scratches the surface when it comes to features. There is a premium addition, which unlocks a few extra features, but they’re honestly not worth it for the price.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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