Age of Zombies: Season 2
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Age of Zombies: Season 2
Age of Zombies: Season 2
Age of Zombies: Season 2
Age of Zombies: Season 2
Age of Zombies: Season 2
Age of Zombies: Season 2
Age of Zombies: Season 2
Age of Zombies: Season 2
Age of Zombies: Season 2

Review Age of Zombies: Season 2

Brandon Girod
It has time travel, zombies, and dinosaurs, fun powerups, fast-paced action
Controls have low sensitivity, can get overwhelming early on
Age of Zombies: Season 2 for Android takes you on a tour through several periods of time throughout history that have been altered, slightly. You'll be fighting out zombie cavemen, dinosaurs, mobsters, and more as you fight your way to eradicating the seemingly endless zombie threat. Okay, so maybe the timeline was altered just a bit more than I let on.
What I love about this game is that it definitely doesn't take itself too seriously. There are a lot of zombie games out there that go for the serious route, but just can't quite nail the gameplay. Instead of trying to throw some lame story on you, it starts you off by destroying some mad scientist who just let a zombie plague loose through history. Your job is to clean up shop.
You do this by mowing down hordes of historically accurate zombies that fit with the time period you’re in. There is no end destination in each level. Instead they're more like arenas that you frantically run through while obliterating waves of zombies until they're done. At the end of each time period there is a boss you have to fight and then you progress to the next setting.
The game ran smoothly most of the time. There were a few instances where it would stutter for about a second, but it wasn't enough to get me killed. The game looks about as silly as it is. That’s not to say it looks bad, but it’s certainly not the most graphically impressive game you'll play. Controls weren't half bad either. They were responsive, but I felt like the sensitivity was a bit off on the aiming.
Overall, Age of Zombies: Season 2 is a lot of fun. Running around the level like a headless chicken is surprisingly enjoyable. The game also features a bunch of weapon powerups that feel awesome to use. If you've got a few minutes to burn, this game will definitely scratch your itch.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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